• oskars studios
    Oskars apartments is on the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road Lassi

    oskars studios

  • Oskars Studios is on the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road Lassi

  • oskars restaurant in lassi kefalonia
    Oskars Restaurant is on the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road Lassi

    oskars restaurant in lassi kefalonia

  • Oskars restaurant in Lassi Kefalonia.
    Oskars accomodation is on the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road Lassi

    Oskars restaurant in Lassi Kefalonia.

  • Treat yourself in the lounge area for a drink while the sun sets.
    Oskars Restaurant is on the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road Lassi

    Treat yourself in the lounge area for a drink while the sun sets.

  • Oskars restaurant is on the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road Lassi

  • Oskars restaurant on the Fanari road during sunset.
    Oskars Restaurant is on the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road Lassi

    Oskars restaurant on the Fanari road during sunset.

  • Oskars Restaurant creative Greek cuisine in Lassi Kefalonia.
    Oskars Complex is on the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road Lassi

    Oskars Restaurant creative Greek cuisine in Lassi Kefalonia.

  • Fine dinning at Oskars restaurant on the romantic scenic coastal fanari road Lassi
    Oskars on the romantic scenic coastal fanari road Lassi

    Fine dinning at Oskars restaurant on the romantic scenic coastal fanari road Lassi

  • The Lighthouse is on the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road Lassi
    Oskars studios is on the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road Lassi

    The Lighthouse is on the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road Lassi

  • Romantic scenic coastal Fanari road in Lassi Kefalonia, Water Wheel.
    Oskars Studios is on the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road Lassi

    Romantic scenic coastal Fanari road in Lassi Kefalonia, Water Wheel.

Kefalonia beaches on Ionian Island

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There are many beaches to cater for all tastes and interests. Some are very easy to reach, others less so. Remember, with all the beaches-they are ephemeral, even the larger beaches can vary in size and shape from one year to the next, season to season.

Near Argostoli, the Lassi area, look for (Makris Yialos, Platis Yialos, Gradakia and Palio Stafida). The Fanari area has Kalamia beach and a number of smaller inlets and bays following the road towards Argostoli.

From Argostoli to the N there is Aghia Kiriakis (the best road down is from Angona). Myrtos is famous for its beauty, but, beware when a wind is blowing and there are waves, the undercurrent is very dangerous to the unwary. Near by is Assos, very pretty. Fiscardo has Emblisi and Foki. S from here, near to Komitata can be found Horgota and Aghia Sofia. Aghia Efimia has small, pebble beaches to the NE of the village. Along the roadside towards Sami are also many small beaches, mainly pebbles, the largest called Aghia Paraskevis. The best beach near to Sami is Antisamos.

S we come to Poros and Skala. Both places offer good swimming from the town beaches, also from the roadside S. of Poros and as you approach Skala. E. from Skala is the long sandy beach of Kaminia, near to Cape Mounda. Turtles breed here. Travelling E. we come to Katelios with its sandy beach. Two, not so readily accessible beaches, may be found at Koroni, often with much sand and also at Sisia, below the monastery. Both are worth a visit.

To the E. are the tourist beaches, with sand and good swimming for families, at Lourda and Trapezaki. From here it is not far to reach Aghia Thomas and Spartia, both with sandy beaches and shallow water.

Along this coast we now return towards Argostoli. Below Svoronata can be found good beaches at Ai Helis, reached from steps and Ammes, near to the airport. Although near the airport runway Ammes is worth looking at, as are a number of others. Follow the road on the seaward side of the runway, look out for Eglinia to the left of the small harbour, it is shallow and safe for children as are the sand beaches at the roadside as we reach Minies and make our return to Argostoli.

The Pali Peninsula (Lixouri), also has good beaches. S. of Lixouri we come to Lepeda and then the red sand beaches and shallow waters of Megas Lakos and Xi. Smaller beaches can then be found at Kounopetra, Aghios Nikolaos and Gero Gombos. Something different, look for Vatsa, across from Aghios Nikolaos with its river, sea inlet. N. of the monastery at Kipouria, look for the road leading down to Platia Ammos. Unfortunately, unless you like walking, you then have to descend down many steep steps to the long beach. On a hot day you require an umbrella and water! From here we can reach Petani, a large bay, approached down a windy road. On the S. side of the bay is the  pretty, but small Aghia Elenis. No sand here, but well worth the extra journey. The road down is steep but not a problem. From Petani we complete our beach visits by travelling to the northern tip, to the bay of Atheras and the pretty shallow water beach of Aghio Spiridonas.

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Walking down the romantic scenic coastal Fanari road you will find OSKARS
and best sightseeings: 1 the lightouse. 2 The italian war memorial I and II,
3 the unique geological phenomenon “Katavothres”, 4 the waterwheel.
Don’t miss any! Its worth it!

A nice tour for everyone to do in different ways by
walking, car or bike and taking some souvenir photographs
from sightseeing on the Fanari road.

This excursion costs you nothing, because it is near to Lassi & Argostoli & you
can do it on foot as well !! (No coach, no bus, no ticket, no commision)


We do not collaborate with any tour company and our policy is not to pay commission to keep prices low for our guests.
Tasty food, excellent service , Panoramic Views
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If you are coming to see this gorgeous island
then bring a copy of these maps.
It will be very useful and a visit to OSKARS
is well worth your while.


gradakia-beach-lassi-kefaloniaGRADAKIA kalamia-beach-lassi-kefaloniaKALAMIA mediterranee-beach-lasi-kefaloniaMEDITERRANEE paliostafida-beach-lassi-kefaloniaPALIOSTAFIDA
makris-gialos-lassi-kefaloniaMAKRIS YIALOS platis-gialos-lassi-kefaloniaPLATIS YIALOS



Makris and Platis Gialos in Lassi


Just 3 km from Argostoli’s center, in the area of Lassi, there are two of the most beautiful and fashionable beaches of Kefalonia, Makris and Platis Gialos. They are sandy (fine sand) beaches, without rocks or pebbles, with crystal-clear waters.

Makris Gialos is a quite long beach (which was, perhaps, the main reason for its name) but is located at such a point so as to be kept clean all year round. It is one of the basic tourist attractions, since it constitutes one of the most organized beaches in Kefalonia. It has a beach bar-restaurant, water sports and a lifeguard.


The natural extension of Makris Gyalos is Platis Gyalos which is separated only by a few rocks and this makes it possible to pass from one beach to the other either by walking or swimming. Opposite is the view of the endless blue of the Ionian Sea and “Tourkopodaro” beach and also the Peninsula of Paliki and Vardianoi, at a much further distance.

Awarded with the Blue Flag for cleanliness, they are also known for their golden sand, which extends throughout the two beaches. Most locals, as well as visitors of the island choose them because they are very close to the capital Argostoli and the area Lassi, regions rich of tourists and close to the airport. The main reason for choosing Makris and Platis Gialos, however is because they are really beautiful beaches that combine everything one might like on their summer vacation.

Myrtos Beach


Myrtos beach is one of the most famous beaches, if not the most famous, and one of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia, as it constitutes a landmark for the island. It is not only known to people from Kefalonia but throughout Greece and all over the world, since it is ranked among the best beaches not only in Greece but also internationally. It is located in the northern part of Kefalonia, in the area of Pylaros, at a distance of approximately 30 km from Argostoli.

It is a beautiful beach with an intense variety of soil, with thin sand, surrounded by vertical cliffs. One can also find a place with stones and pebbles there, so as to choose what they prefer.

The view above Myrtos is magical, known for the contrast of the white pebbles of the beach with the shades that the water takes due to sea currents and the dark green color of the area. Perhaps this is the reason why this beach is so famous and has been described as “fascinating” and “like a little piece of heaven” by many. It is located beneath the steep cliff, several meters below street level.

Visitors who want to approach the beach should go down the slope for several kilometers, on a road which has fortunately been opened and paved recently.

The beach of Myrtos is quite long, as more than 20 minutes are required for someone to walk from one side to the other.

Its waters are green. The sea is not clear because of a sediment that is carried with currents and it deepens abruptly while many streams may drag the swimmer. There have been many cases of such incidents and therefore, special attention is required. The lifeguard, who has been hired during the recent years, is responsible to determine when the sea is dangerous for swimming and also to intervene in difficult situations.

Each year, the beach acquires the Blue Flag, since it is fully organized and also has a parking lot.

One thing that stands out in Myrtos is the cave at one edge of the beach. All its features create a magical landscape and each year, during August, a concert with famous artists is held, which is attended by thousands of spectators.

Xi beach


A few meters from the point where the waves hit the sand, gorges of several meters are formed, consisted of muddy material, which usually causes sliding. For this reason, special attention at certain points is required.

This muddy material is considered to have certain therapeutic properties and many swimmers rub it in various parts of their bodies, having muddy baths in small makeshift mud puddles.

The water is too shallow for many meters from the beach, a fact the seems reasonable based on the morphology of the external landscape.

It has been awarded with the Blue Flag and it has two beach bars, a restaurant and stylish umbrellas, in this way providing all kinds of comforts for an enjoyable day to the beach to the bathers. Last, for those who love nature, one can do water sports like jet ski, water ski, parasailing, etc and beach volley.

Petani beach


Petanos beach is one of the most famous beaches in the area of Paliki as well as in the whole island. It can be found in the western part of the island, in the peninsula of Paliki.

The route from Lixouri to the beach is magnificent and while descending, the view becomes even more impressive with its wild beauty, displaying such an image of inconceivable charm that captures the imagination. The white small pebbles and crystal clear, turquoise waters fascinate visitors.

The beach is excellently organized, since it has a canteen and taverns in front of the beach as well as higher above with a view to the sea. There is also a cafe with umbrellas, thus providing all necessary comforts and care for a pleasant stay and nourishment. The beach has also been awarded with the Blue Flag.

Platia Ammos


Platia Ammos is one of the most spectacular beaches of the Peninsula of Paliki and the whole of Kefalonia, which can be found shortly after Kipouraion Monastery.

This beach shares common features with Myrtos, it is however, less known, and its landscape is associated to something wilder. Its waters are crystal clear making a contrast to the green scenery but they are however turbid, due to the salty waters of Myrtos beach.

Until a few years ago, access to the beach could only be achieved by sea. Today, construction processes for access have been completed. In order for visitors to approach it, one must pass by a dirt road and go down more than 400 steps. This turns access to this pristine beach into a small adventure, as it builds up its magic and mystery, since only people who know about it can be able to reach it.

This is considered to be one of the most isolated parts of the island, since even mobile phones do not have a signal there.

Skala Beach


In one of the most tourist areas throughout Kefalonia, in the area of Skala, one can find its homonymous beach. The area has developed in recent years as a purely touristic zone, which annually gathers a great number of, mainly British tourists.

The vast Skala Beach is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area, which extends at least one kilometer before the town center and up to 2kilometers after it.

It is a beautiful, sandy beach with a combination of fine and coarse sand, where the visitor can have easy access to and enjoy various water sports, apart from the calm, clear waters it offers.

The entire area has been developed based on this beach and it is one of the most well-organized tourist resorts on the island. All along the beach there are cafes, hotels and beautiful buildings of well-off tourists.



It is a small, sandy beach on the corner of the airport island. The fine sand, cleanliness of waters and tranquility make it an attraction for many of the residents. Quite close to the beach there are many rooms to let,whose inhabitants prefer Ammes.

It is an impressive experience to watch planes landing at the airport, since whoever swims in Ammes is able to watch the planes passing over them for a few meters.

Ammes beach is characterized as a relatively shallow beach which makes it affordable for those seeking a beach to relax without having any special requirements for swimming. For this reason, waves rarely reach this shore, making it one of the most tranquil beaches. At some distance from the coast, the sea ,of course deepens and as a result, even the most keen swimmers are satisfied.

The beach is organized as there is a canteen and sun loungers.



Antisamos is another famous beach in Kefalonia, with unparalleled beauty. It is located near the port of Sami, 22 kilometers from Argostoli. The route from the port of Sami to the beach enchants the visitor, since one crosses one of the greenest parts of the island with very tall pine trees and other trees. For this reason, many visitors stop at an appropriately shaped plateau to take the necessary photos. The view from the Agrilion Monastery is also spectacular.

It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, since it is full of pebbles, but in some places it also has small pebbles or high sand surrounded by green hills and cypresses which almost reach  the water. Its crystal-clear, blue waters enchant even the most discerning holiday maker.

In recent years it has been characterized as organized with a snack bar, sun loungers, umbrellas and water sports. It is always honored with the distinction of the Blue Flag and cars can easily park in a properly designated spot.

Though in the past guests were few, Antisamos is now flooded with tourists as well as locals, who travel many miles to visit it every summer.

It became famous to the general public from the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” which used this beach in many scenes in order to reveal the magic Kefalonian landscape.

Klimatsia’s beach


Near the village of Spartia, on Leivathous municipality, one can find Klimatsia’s beach. This is a small, sandy beach, surrounded by steep rocks and used, on this piece, as a small harbor for boats.

The view to the beach is impressive from a geological point of view, since close to this point, there is a collision of some overseas geological plates. In the rocky section of the beach, the rock is extremely smooth and the carving is vertical.

Next to the beach there is a specially designed and aesthetically beautiful house complex, which is tied in harmony with the environment. This operates as a cafe and a tavern and offers visitors a chance to rest and relax while overlooking the crystal waters of the beach.

OSKARS is a family run business which began in 1976 in Kefalonia. Our first restaurant was established in Peratata followed by a further two in Lassi Argostoli Kefalonia.

Oskars Studios & Apartments are located in a beautiful garden Lassi, Argostoli, Kefalonia, 70 meters from Oskars restaurant in the romantic and scenic Fanari route in Lassi Argostoli kefalonia

Fine dining that is innovative and also playful, that activates the senses, that truly engages our guests in a stimulating, exciting and unconventional way.

In order to discover all these strange and beautiful spots, one should know which places to visit, where to taste the delicious Kefalonian food, where to entertain and what to buy from the beautiful shops of the island.