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Now it is your turn to visit the Saint Gerasimos Monastery, located on the Omala Plateau. You leave Argostoli by crossing the bridge. You go uphill to the right and arrive at the village of Razata. Here, to the right is a dirt road leading to some Cyclopean Walls. You can look closely and continue your way along the uphill road to Saint Gerasimos. At this point, the view is fascinating as Argostoli and Lixouri stretch out behind you.

Before you arrive at Omala, you pass through very green vineyards with the Kefalonian grapes from which the famous wine of the island is made. You come to the village of Frangata and Valsamata, you pass through the Plain of forty wells, and you arrive at Saint Gerasimos Monastery. Was built in the 16th century. The monk Gerasimos Notaras, from Trikala, in the province of Corinth, lived and led an ascetic life here, until his death. He is the miracle making patron saint of our island. Thousands of visitors venerate the relics of Saint Gerasimos. These relics are in the new church that was built after the 1953 earthquake. His feast day is celebrated on August 16 and October 20, and then, a big procession takes place.

Now, go up again to the main road and continue your way to Sami. The continuing uphill turns on the road will take you first to the highest mountain of Kefalonia, Ainos or Monte Nero, as the Venetians used to call it. Advancing toward the top, you pass through very green forests consisting of Kefalonia fir-trees. It is a unique species of fir-trees in the world. From here the view is something special. The whole island stretches out at your feet and far away, on the horizon, you can make out the mountains of Ithaca and the Peloponese. It is worth seeing the sunrise. Back on the main road and you go downhill towards the colorful seaport of Sami. You should stop at the Cave of Drongarati, by turning left, in order to marvel at the stalactites and stalagmites, formed drop by drop many years ago.

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