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It is a small, sandy beach on the corner of the kefalonian airport. The fine sand, cleanliness of waters and tranquility make it an attraction for many of the residents. Quite close to the beach there are many rooms to let,whose inhabitants prefer Ammes.

It is an impressive experience to watch planes landing at the airport, since whoever swims in Ammes is able to watch the planes passing over them for a few meters.

Ammes beach is characterized as a relatively shallow beach which makes it affordable for those seeking a beach to relax without having any special requirements for swimming. For this reason, waves rarely reach this shore, making it one of the most tranquil beaches. At some distance from the coast, the sea deepens and as a result, even the most keen swimmers are satisfied.

The beach is organized as there is a canteen and sun loungers.

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Fanari road, Lassi, Kefalonia

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