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If you ever go to the village of Asso you will find next to the small colorful village with big plane-trees, the Venetian fortress of Assos. Go downhill to enjoy this rare grandeur closely, a real creation of both nature and man.

The fortress was a fortification of the Venetian army and was built by the Venetian Governor of Crete, John Montenigo and the engineer Marino di Gentilini d’ Este. It had a great strategic value together with the port of Assos, where the Venetian galleys used to moor.

Go up to the main road again, and continue your way to the north part of the island, in the area of Erisos. Here, you can see a prevalence of lush and plentiful vegetation consisting of cypress trees, olive trees and arbutus bushes. Marvelous village that retain the beauty of another era crop up among them, because this area was not destroyed by the great earthquake of 1953.

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