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Kefalonian Wild Horses

Also described as the semi wild Ainos ponies. There are two schools of thought here. The first is that these are not wild horses at all, but semi wild ponies that owe their existence to the villagers old custom of keeping herds of horses free on the mountain, in order to avoid the cost of feeding them. The second is that they were abandoned in the wild after the Second World War. Over the centuries countless domestic horses have escaped or were intentionally released, they formed into small herds and the strongest flourished.

Their populations only checked by the supply of food and water. Therefore in the scientific sense, these animals are actually domestic horses returned to the wild. Even free roaming (but not wild horses) can lead a good life up to 25 years or more, provided of course that they are not suffering from any physical disability or disease.

They share their territory with many native animals. Years ago there was enough food and water for all. However, due to many reasons, including over felling of trees in the past, as well as numerous destructive fires, times are hard. Especially after being left in isolated conditions on the slopes of the mountain.

Struggling against adverse conditions, fending and rummaging for food and water. With the lack of natural shelter to protect them from the cold and snows of the winter and the droughts of the summer. Along with inbreeding for over 55 years, we personally would call these animals wild, furthermore a pure breed.

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