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The village of Scala. Here is a vast sandy beach with small pebbles and tall pine trees. It has colorful small eating houses, bars, modern hotels and many shops. The villa of a well-to-do Roman, with warm water baths was discovered here in 1957. There are mosaic representations and inscriptions of the 3rd century A.D.

Get back to the main road and stop at the village of Markopoulo. Here is the church of Virgin Mary. On August 15, you will be amazed to see small snakes with the black sign of the cross on their heads which appear on Our Lady’s feast day and fill the yard, the bell tower and Our Lady’s icon. The worshippers are photographed together with the little snakes, considered as sacred. After the feast day is over, the little snakes disappear and return again the next year.

Continuing your way to Poros, you arrive at the villages of Kremmydi (Onion), Pastra, Saint George, Saint Irene, Tzannata, and you end up at the very green straits of Poros. Here the landscape is lush and reminds one of the Valley of Tempi in central Greece. Poros is one of the main seaports on the island, a beautiful town that combines both mountains and sea. It has a great tourist attraction with many hotels, restaurants, bars, cafeterias and fish taverns. Its modern square is next to the beach and it has athletic facilities for volleyball, tennis, basketball etc. A Mycenean grave has been discovered in recent years with many funeral gifts in it, by the archaeologist Lazarus Kolonas.

During the summer you can attend various interesting cultural activities taking place at the Poros Community Hall. At an elevation of 800 metres, near Tzanata, is the Atro Monastery. Here, you can enjoy marvellous view and the sunrise. You are now in the Pyrgi area, in the central part of the island’s area. In the village of Saint Nicolas, you should stop to see the Lake of Avythos or Akoli. On your way, you will also pass the mountainous villages of Kapandriti, Xenopoulo, Andriolata and Kambitsata.


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