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St. Gerasimos Monastery

St. Gerasimos is the patron-saint of Cephalonia.
In the monastery it is kept incorruptible and fragnant the holy relic of St. Gerasimos.
Before 1554, the monastery was devoted to Theotokos.
After 1560 Gerasimos Notaras, monk from Trikala Corinthias, made it an important nunnery.
The monastery celebrates twice a year: On 16th August (the Dormition of Saint) and on 20th October (the removal and the granting of the remains of the Holy Relics).
During these days of celebration, litany processions take place with the participation of thousands of pilgrims from all over Greece.

Although a new monastery has been built, there is also the old church where it is preserved the Saint’s hermitage and several items that the Saint used. Saint Gerasimos died on 15th August 1579 and the Patriarchate declared him Saint in 1622 when on 20th October 1581 his Holy Relics were found incorruptible and fragnant.
The monastery was founded during the Byzantine era. In the nunnery are kept the Holy remains of the right foot (sole) of Apostle Andrew.
The sole brings on it the ordinary flesh of the Saint while it is visible the hole from the crucifixion of the Saint.

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